Helping highly sensitive people create spaces they love.

Imagine that feeling of stepping into your personalized space with your favorite beverage, ready to take on the day. You look around at the curated items, purposely placed furniture, and cleared surfaces welcoming you. It's almost indescribable, the warmth you feel in your heart and the sparkle in your eye.

The items that used to take up space – the ones you had trouble letting go – are now long gone. Off on their journeys to make others much happier than they were making you.

But you also didn't need to get rid of everything that you hold dear. There are mementos all around you that remind you of your journeys and loved ones. Plus, you were able to create simple systems that keep your mind clearer and energy flowing.

Because you are highly sensitive, you were overwhelmed at first and didn't think all of this was even possible. But you had amazing support and were able to move from a place of being frozen into a state of movement and freedom.

By creating a space that tends to all of your senses, emotions and values, you are able to reach milestones you only dreamed of, and it shows in the work that you do.

Some would say physical items don't matter, but they do. They help us work, play and rest. They allow us to process our feelings and provide experiences with the way we interact with them. They inspire our creativity and connect us with our ancestors. They carry us through our days. And they can be things you already have that are just waiting to be brought out of the dark or transformed into something new.

Things in your environment matter, and so do you. You deserve a place to call your own. A sanctuary.

Curious to hear more? First, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

"I can’t thank you enough for the questions you posed, your listening and held space, and your ability to put what you heard or saw or sensed into manageable action plan. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

About me.

Hi! I'm Katie Sanders, your Sensory Designer and friction problem-solver. I am true Cancer homebody who loves to nest wherever I am. It's a pleasure to meet you!

As a highly sensitive child, I didn't understand why I couldn't process as much sensory input as other kids. I was labeled as moody and shy, but it's only been later in life that I have found my brain processes things differently and am an HSP with auditory processing disorder and dyslexia. A blessing in disguise, this now allows me to understand my son's needs very well.

My specialties swirl around assessing how colors, shapes, placement, textures, smells and other stimuli influence a person's feelings and behavior, while also providing support and a foundation to people's lives. I also believe nature plays a huge factor in settling the nervous system. These ingredients allow me to create personalized spaces that help calm your particular sensitivities.

My goal is to help you create brilliant spaces, rituals and support systems for yourself, without depleting your reserves. This in turn affects your relationships with your loved ones, your clients, your work and beyond.

Read on to view my mission and core values.

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"She asks just the right questions to help understand your mission, but these questions also help organize your own thoughts and ideas. You'll leave the session feeling inspired and motivated."

My mission and values.

Safety: I truly believe in creating safe spaces for all. Your work with me is confidential and personal. The space we work within is sacred and safe for you to provide vulnerable information without judgment or assumptions.

Validation: Your human experience is absolutely real in all forms. I believe you. Many of us were not validated throughout our lives and my mission is to make sure you are seen, heard and believed.

Advocacy: I learned early on how to advocate for my son through the school and medical systems. I continue my advocacy through sustained monetary support of non-profits that support human rights for oppressed communities.

Accountability: Creating a personal sanctuary are not about hiding, spiritual bypassing, cultural appropriation or being silent. I believe you need a space to do the hard work, process feelings, rest and renew to fight against injustice.

Keep reading to find out the ways I can support you.

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"You are extremely patient, and very creative, and able to execute your idea in the most organized ways.

How we can work together.

First, I meet you where you are emotionally and physically with your items. You are welcome to share as much or as little as you like and I encourage you to look at your space without shame or guilt. We talk through your goals of what you want to accomplish in your space, and what your values are for focus and decision-making. We then make a plan for you to start to move forward

To execute your plans, we can meet at additional times to get through design the space, to rearrange furniture, and to process large piles of items with emotional support. We meet as many times as you need and packages of sessions are available. On some days it may be necessary to arrange to have a pair of helping hands for physically moving items.

I love helping people to create…

  • Cleared & Organized Spaces
  • Processing Items for Donations
  • Task Stations
  • Art Hanging
  • Reading Nooks
  • Altar/Memorabilia Displays
  • Paper Systems
  • Sensory Support
  • Technology Management
  • Habits, Routines & Transitions
  • End-of-Day Cleanup Rituals
  • Sustainable Scheduling

  • All sessions are conducted via video chats on whatever platform works easiest for you.

    Intro Sanctuary Session

    One 30-minute private session to get to know one another and make a plan to move forward.


    Full Sanctuary Session

    One 60-minute private session that can be scheduled as needed.


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    "I always tell my clients and friends how intuitive and easy you are to work with. While working together, there's always a point where I can almost hear the "click!" when all of the questions and ideas snap together in a way that I might not have considered before. During the process, I've always felt that my input was truly heard with all of my feelings considered. That's a big deal for creatives and since you are one, that familiarity shines through!"